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About Us

About Us


Bringing Fellowship to your home!

Most prayer ministries as we know them often meet in halls or church buildings to carry out their activities. We are different in that as a ministry we meet in homes. We exist as a ministry to facilitate an intimate environment for prayer for we know that prayer changes things.

We are currently meeting in homes as we have found that many are unable to reach a church or have been hurt by the traditional ‘formats’ traditional ‘church’, and they are best suited to be served at home.

We meet and pray as the disciples of Jesus did as can be found in the in Acts 1 & 2. The Upper room would have been a room in someone’s home or a home large enough to accommodate 120 people in one place.

Scripture also exhorts us ‘always to pray and faint not’ (Luke 18:1) and to ‘pray without ceasing…’ (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Acts 12:5; Romans 1:9; 2 Timothy 1:3) We have found that when we pray and spend time in prayer, God moves and lives change and things get answered.

Our heart is not to subvert the traditional meeting of ‘Church’ in buildings, but to support the body of Christ within the comfort of ours and your homes to pray. Meeting from house to house helps us achieve this. Moreover, it provides a more relaxed atmosphere where we can be open, vulnerable and honest about our struggles and victories which helps us pray with a targeted approach.

We have found that going back to basics as was modelled by the Early Church in the Acts of the Apostles, enables us to reach more people who are hurting and living without the support and enables us to seek and save the lost. Our heart is to come alongside people and pray and see God breakthrough. We know PRAYER WORKS!

If you would like us to come and pray with you or you have a prayer request, also you can set up a prayer fellowship within your home, please do not hesitate to signup on the fellowship page which has all the details and you are free to invite whomever you choose to be present. We just love the opportunity to be a blessing with God’s truth! Ultimately our goal is to fellowship with God and each other and see the result by spending time with God in prayer – Bringing fellowship to your home.

Fola Toffee Odusina

Fola Toffee Odusina, a bible believing and God fearing woman of substance desires to help and empower the community at large.

Her passion lies in helping others to unleash the power within so they can in turn make enormous impact in the world. The world is hurting and understanding who we are and our purpose makes life worth living.

Helping to simplify the word of God, so it becomes practical in everyday life, touching areas in marriage, education, the broken hearted, extending her love and support for the elderly.

Fola Toffee Odusina (FTO) passion in helping others is also expressed in the extensive training and mentorship programs offered in her businesses.

Her work in Prayer Works Ministry facilitates the impact within the community so we can be what God has created us to be. To live free and make impact in this world.